HOW TO TRAP (Part 1): Psy – Gangnam Style (Arion Trap Remix)

I’ve always had the opinion that trap music is extremely hard to do proper justice to. This is because trap needs to let the song it is remixing do its own thing, and retain its original sound, while turning it into something completely new. Each song you remix needs something different. Some need a subtle beat addition. Some need a hard drop to counter the original beat, and some need a completely new trap beat overriding the song to give it a whole new feel. If you don’t – which many don’t, you’ll probably just sound like a homeless man banging on buckets.

The last bit there is the exact case with this track – Gangnam Style. Get the AED out, get the paddles out. That dead horse was definitely beaten to death. But it has been brought back to life. Seabiscuit in this bitch. No, not really. But Arion does something amazing – throwing a whole new beat over the track to fit it in something new.

You can feel the original song that – don’t lie – you liked. At least for a week. But what Arion adds to it has you screaming what any cliche newbie to the scene has to say. “ITS A TRAAAAAAP”

And then the drop. Oh the drop. Just enjoy people. Words don’t do it right.

Big shoutout to TrapStepNetwork, another Youtube channel that kills it constantly.


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