About The Blogging Team

Evan Duso (@ProDuso)


The founder of this blog. I am about to be a senior in college at JMU and I have been an avid fan of EDM for 2-3 years now. I haven’t gotten involved at all, as in gone to shows, only listened to artists and enjoyed the music. I have a tendency to lean toward trap music, but that does not mean it is all I listen to. That’s part of what this blog is for – to bring you all every genre of EDM so you can enjoy it all. I am blogging to enhance my knowledge of the genres, the tons of amazing producers, and get into production of music myself as I learn more and more. I have a main website – evanduso.com – that I don’t really know what I am doing with yet. But who cares we’ve got time we’re young.

As for the name Trancercise? Look at the Twitter it’s based off that prancing old chick. I wanna have her at my first show cameltoe and all prancing around the stage… that’d be perfect.

Brandon Mendonca (@AlbertoKn0x)


XLS is a microphone assassin, part time steam-boat operator, and an amateur DJ who is always in training.

I discovered EDM partially from my love of guitar and ambient/post-rock music. When dubstep blew up as I started college I was just beginning to go to shows and quickly started attending every EDM show I could afford to go to. My taste in music is random and strange but I don’t like to limit myself to specific genres. Good music is good music, it’s as simple as that.

I started DJing after getting sick of hearing the same old tired songs and Top 40 garbage at college house parties. I began mixing at friends’ houses for free(unless you count beer as payment like I do). I enjoy exposing other people to music they probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise, whether it’s a really obscure song that is still catchy as hell or a simple remix of a song they know and love.

X-L-S Official SoundCloud


E-mail: trancercisemusic@gmail.com

Twitter: @trancercise

SoundCloud: Trancercise Blog

YouTube: Dusmo Trancercise


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