Guys, I just want to get ignorant. Do it right.

Let me start out by saying that I do not think ALL the artists I am about to mention are idiots. I think some are brilliant and know how to work the system. They have built an image of straight ignorance that has them rolling in dough and probably hooking up with your girlfriend, if they wanted to. Who am I talking about? I am talking about rappers like 2Chainz, Trinidad James, Waka Flocka, Chief Keef, and I guess you could stretch and include crews like A$AP and OFWGKTA but I think they actually have messages to send and are not ignorant.

See like this kind of ignorance:

But see people like Chief Keef worry me since people are actually concerned he may be handicapped. Then there is 2Chainz who is hands down my favorite rapper in the game right now. Such sick beats, such witty/funny/ignorant lyrics, and just that I don’t care personality. But it’s totally a show, which is perfect. He isn’t a poser, he isn’t a fake, he is a genius. 2Chainz was an honor roll student. People WANT THE GUY TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

Shit, maybe “ignorant” is not even the right word to use, but basically the music I am trying to get you to picture is shit that just makes you want to jump around and get hype and go wild. Almost like that one track:

But you know that one is done right, when you bring in Skrillex on the production like what else do you need…

Either way I am here to talk about trap remixes of these already dope songs. Most of them are GOD AWFUL. Like I get that usually so far on this blog all I have done is put people on, like praised you for your talents. But there comes a time when trap enthusiasts need to sit down and remember that just anybody can sit down and make a track. I am not just shitting on the entire discography of the guys I am going to feature today – but as previously discussed each trap remix of a track needs something different. Some tracks need more work and others only need to be slightly changed up to make for an amazing remix.

I really love that ignorant rap. That’s why I want the trap remixes to do it justice – to enhance it and make the experience better for the listener, who it’s all for in the first place.

So first we have Spenca and AFK remixing 2Chainz – I’m Different. They slow down the song, which bores me. Then they try to hype it up with some low drums in the back, and lay this loud horn beat over it for the “drop”. I don’t want to hear your loud horn. Then when they bring it back, it’s just more of the chorus. I want to hear 2Chainz. I just want you to hype me up for it. And this track is just lackluster like it doesn’t have it.

Then we’ve got KMillz Remixing Chief Keef – Don’t Like. It’s deceptive. It actually is really really good in the beginning. The beat gets you going. You’re ready to kirk out with possibly the most ignorant man in the game. The guy singing about macaroni. Then KMillz just ruins his own track by changing the tempo, the pitch, and cutting the song so hard that you literally can’t understand or enjoy anything. I had to turn it off.

But I will leave you with DJ Carnage and Protohype. That is how you do it! We need more like Carnage and HEROESxVILLAINS who can do this genre justice. Carnage just takes the drop on Trinidad James – All Gold Everything, and lets you enjoy the lyrics, while speeding up the beat, boosting the bass, and making you want to kick holes right through the closest wall you can find. I might need to see an anger counselor.

My last request: Like if I were to die today, someone – preferrably someone I trust like Carnage or HxV, please remix Feds Watchin’ by 2Chainz and make it amazing.