Morning Brew: Feed Twenty Smiling Humans – Chonald

Who or what is a Chonald? Gonna have to look this guy up because this mashup is fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckin sick.


Morning Brew: Disclosure – Latch (Manic Focus Remix)

Absolutely the definition of a remix right here. Completely lets the song be itself, and lays some amazing sounds overtop. Just listen.


Kickraux – Harriet Thugman – Interview coming soon!

I am in touch with the dope duo Kickraux (check out their website, it’s sick) for an upcoming interview. Understandably, the guys are too busy for a phone/video interview. But the text interview will still be a great read – and I am pumped for it. This is a sample preview post to get you guys amped up for it.

Why should you be so amped up? Because Kickraux are some up and comers who have already worked with artists like 2Chainz, Ree$e, and more. Harriet Thugman, their new EP, is free to download and it is so dope. It focuses on trap, but also brings in some house, electro, and chillstep to constantly keep the feel different. I can honestly say that there is not a bad track, in my opinion, on the 17 track, 55min EP. Enjoy it all here – and get pumped for the interview. I know I am.

PS- their album artwork is so sick.


Breaking Tunez: The White Panda – Under Treasure

Well here it is. I don’t even care if I seem a little fanatical about The White Panda. They kill it. And they do it again with this track – put on their Soundcloud 2 hours ago. Who doesn’t love David Bowie and Queen? If you don’t, go re-educate yourself on music. Funky stuff.

Give me more. Slave away on music for me 24/7. I cannot get enough.