New Preview: TiĆ«sto & Nari & Milani vs Delayers – Move to the Rhythm

Cannot wait for this one. Tiesto sounds as good as he ever has. Coming your way August 12th. Enjoy.


MORNING BREW: Subfocus will make you happy.

Subfocus is an English music producer who started as early as 2003. What I want YOU to wake up to though is his most recent stuff. First we’ve got his new(ish) track with Alex Clare and it is something I didn’t originally intend to feature, but discovered along the way and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell people about it. Look at the music video. So intense.

This one is a bit older, but I have been wanting to share it with as many people as possible ever since I first heard it around last fall.

Have a great day and do something with your life.


Klastic and JTRA Interview -Monday (7/15/13)!

Get ready EDM fans, Trancercise is rolling out our first of many interviews to come on Monday. Not specifying whether this will be a once a week thing – but I want to provide EDM enthusiasts the opportunity to find new and talented musicians. That’s the great thing about EDM. You can feel the passion for it. Shit, the music IS passion. It’s like emotion in sound.

So without further adieu, this Sunday we will be having our premiere interview with two talented artists: Klastic and J.T.R.A. Klastic (Daniel Cornelison) is the founder of his own music label – Industrial Parasite. J.T.R.A. (Justin Archer) is also a part of the music label.

Klastic produces Trap, Dubstep, Footwork, Hipstep, and Moombahton.

J.T.R.A. focuses on Juke, Footwork, Trap, Galactic, Moombahton, Seapunk, and House.

Follow Klastic on Soundcloud

Follow J.T.R.A. on Soundcloud

Get ready for the interview, set to debut on Trancercise and Youtube this Monday.

So you’re NOT listening to GoingQuantum?

You must live

Under a fucking rock.

But you can fix that. GoingQuantum is a podcast done by Monstercat Media. They put out one mix a week and almost always have a featured DJ on there spinning some amazing stuff. The podcast tends to run anywhere between 30-60 minutes. These mixes are amazing to listen to, and I personally cannot get enough of them. Currently, Ep. 102 just came out on July 5th.

The best part about GoingQuantum is the variety. They play dubstep/glitch/liquid/electro/DnB/trap/110bpm/trance. It really puts me in a zone when I am in a bad mood, or gaming, or just need to relax. It’s an escape for me personally. And better yet, if you are a new listener, you have 102 episodes to keep you entertained for hours and hours of listening. I hope this does for you what it has done for me — made me passionate about EDM.

You can get more from GoingQuantum by following the link I put on their name. Absolutely stunning stuff.