So you’re NOT listening to GoingQuantum?

You must live

Under a fucking rock.

But you can fix that. GoingQuantum is a podcast done by Monstercat Media. They put out one mix a week and almost always have a featured DJ on there spinning some amazing stuff. The podcast tends to run anywhere between 30-60 minutes. These mixes are amazing to listen to, and I personally cannot get enough of them. Currently, Ep. 102 just came out on July 5th.

The best part about GoingQuantum is the variety. They play dubstep/glitch/liquid/electro/DnB/trap/110bpm/trance. It really puts me in a zone when I am in a bad mood, or gaming, or just need to relax. It’s an escape for me personally. And better yet, if you are a new listener, you have 102 episodes to keep you entertained for hours and hours of listening. I hope this does for you what it has done for me — made me passionate about EDM.

You can get more from GoingQuantum by following the link I put on their name. Absolutely stunning stuff.